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Santa Maria Sewing Superstore


Repairs / Trade Ins

Yes! We repair sewing machines. All makes -- All models
A well-made sewing machine should operate perfectly for many years -- if it's cared for, that is. Like cars, sewing machines do need some TLC in order to remain dependable. With proper care, all machines – sewing, embroidery, quilting or serger – will continue to operate beautifully.

Machines Need Regular Service

Industry standard is that all sewing machines get a basic service check every 1 to 2 years. It's amazing the amount of lint that builds up inside your sewing machine where you never see it. Stray threads, dust, and lint from fabric and batting can build up in your machine. With time, the debris can cause tension problems and even damage your machine. In addition, many modern sewing machines do not require oiling, which means this is done when the machine is serviced. Sewing machine oil is a very lightweight oil and it does evaporate over a period of years. Regular service means the oil is always fresh and the machine will run smoother for longer.

TIP: Do NOT used canned air on a sewing machine. The typical sewing machine has no outlet for the debris to be blown out. Instead, using canned air simply packs all the dirt, lint and stray threads deeper into the core of the machine. This can cause far more problems than it solves! If you want to clean out your machine between services, we recommend a mini vacuum attachment which removes the lint rather than packs it into a hard ball outside of your view.

No Appointment Necessary

Bring in your machine any time during our standard business hours. No appointment is necessary. Just let us know if it's for an annual service check, or if there's a problem tell us exactly what the machine is doing. We'll give you an estimate, check-in your machine and take a deposit. If the technician discovers more than the estimate covered, we'll call you to discuss options. When it's ready for pick-up, we'll call you with the balance due upon receipt.

Trade Ins

Not every machine is worth the cost of repairing it. Sometimes, a machine simply can't be repaired because it's just too worn out, or has a fundamental problem such as a cracked sewing arm. What to do!

Did you know that Santa Maria Sewing Superstore takes trade-ins as a credit down-payment on a new machine? We sure do! The value of the trade-in varies depending on machine type and age, but in general the minimum trade-in value is $50 with anywhere from $100 to $500 being more typical. Imagine bringing in your old broken machine and getting a $200 credit toward a brand new one! It happens everyday, and we love to see HAPPY SEWERS!